Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Counting Down.

We've got the wedding coming up.  It's getting so close now!  We have so, so, so much to do!  There are so many tiny details to being in a wedding, the clothing, the shoes, the hair, the makeup and then there are all the little details of traveling, the packing, the dog-sitter, getting someone to feed the cats, and then there are so many details of cooking a meal for 60 people, the menu, the decorations, silverware, the salt and pepper, the serving spoons, the tablecloths, napkins, how to keep everything cool ... and we have ALL of that at once this week.  Throw in a doctor's appointment, a work training for my daughter, early registration for college for my son, our regular board game meeting and it gets kind of crazy.  That's where we are this week.  You should see how many lists I have been making!  It will be all worth it when it all comes together in a beautiful ceremony for a wonderful couple.  :-)

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