Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017.

Wedding preparation is ongoing.  We're not in the main prep because we're the bridegroom's family but we are responsible for the rehearsal dinner and we have to look good in pictures, so we needed to buy clothes.  My youngest 2 kids are also in the wedding.  We have the bridesmaid dress and we're going to go this week and get a pair of gray pants and a yellow shirt for youngest son.  Yesterday I went to Sams Club and got a lot of the supplies I will need for the rehearsal dinner.  The menu is now, therefore, kind of set in stone and I can't change it, which is good, because I've been changing it in my head about every 5 minutes since I started thinking about it, back in December.

The menu now is as follows.
Pulled pork barbecue.
Both regular and gluten free buns.
Green Beans.
Hash brown casserole.
Potato chips.
Various cakes.
Various drinks.

I'm thinking I may buy drinks not according to the flavors, but with royal blue and yellow cans, to match the theme.  Is that too weird?  I think it would be cute!   I'll also be serving bottled water.

The wedding colors are royal blue, gray and yellow, in case you couldn't tell from the rest of this post.  I dreamed last night that they had a practice wedding at our church and everyone just wore gray t-shirts, got in a circle, did a group hug and the practice marriage was complete.  :-P  

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