Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Back to reality.

 Now we've had our wonderful vacation break and we are back to reality, back to work and back to facing all the stuff we have to do this year.  I'm coping with it the way I cope with everything, with a to-do list.   :-)   Break it down, get it done in 2021!  

We made some wonderful gingerbread.
We had some lovely Christmastime weather.

I noticed that this little "garden" has formed of its own volition in one of our landscaping ties.  Even at this time of year, it's beautiful and green.  Cat feet are for scale.  It's a tiny green oasis in the January gray.

We had such a nice holiday.  I hope you did too!  

Monday, December 21, 2020

And Now It's Going too Fast!

It's the 21st already!    We aren't celebrating officially this year until the 27th, but still!   It just always goes so very, very quickly and I never feel ready.  I think I'm going to have to be one of those people who puts the tree up and starts listening to Christmas music on the day after Halloween.   Or I'll plan to, then procrastinate it and get busy and really actually get the tree up the week before Thanksgiving and give myself an extra week.  That sounds like a plan. 

I hope if anyone is reading this, they are doing well.  I wish you a happy holiday season.   We are doing okay.  We've almost gotten through 2020.    I guess maybe I could do some updates.

Oldest son is doing good in his new job, having changed jobs several times during 2020 because of the pandemic.  

Daughter-in-law is doing well in her master's program.

Husband still working at same job, on a slightly different team, but working at home completely since March.

I passed my coding exam and have to have knee surgery (blah) and we'll see what 2021 brings.  I want it to bring increased mobility, weight loss and a good job.

Daughter did not pass coding.  I think it was just too much without having a medical background.  They should not sell the classes to newbies in my opinion, but I guess they just want their money.  :-(   She's going to re-group and come up with another idea.  She didn't really like coding.   She's good at pretty much everything she tries so I'm sure she'll find something.

Youngest son is still doing well at his job as a temp for the company I also work for and hopefully will get officially hired by the company soon.  He has plans to buy a car, then a house.  

Dogs 1 and 2, Cosmo and Freddie, are still settling after the new addition of Freddie a couple of months ago.  Still kind of stressed but hopeful will settle in soon.

Cats, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Zelda, Zoey, Duncan, Squinch, and Mr. Miller doing well, fat and happy, tormenting the dogs when they get a chance.  

We're looking forward to the holidays, eating, visiting and hanging out together.  


Monday, November 30, 2020

The Christmas Season is beginning!

 Christmas season is upon us.  We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving at home, but we missed getting together with our extended family.  We haven't seen anyone since last month.  Thankfully, we got out a tiny bit back then to go to birthday parties and stand in driveways outside and talk.  I think it was possibly the only time this year we've seen some of them.  

With just the 4 of us for Thanksgiving, we cooked our own feast and just had what we wanted. We roasted a chicken, made dressing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans, gravy, rolls and pies, pies, pies.   It was great and we are still eating some of it, several days later. 

I blog so seldom lately that I can't keep up with what I've put on here.   Did I mention that we adopted a new dog?   He apparently needed my daughter (He really did.) and he has now joined our family. His name is Frederick Von Spookington a.k.a. Freddie, which is a nod to Freckie.   He's young and he's learning and he's big enough to get on his hind legs and get things off the countertop.  His adoption necessitated us installing barn doors between our kitchen and living room.  This has been wonderful.   It has cut down on noise between the two rooms and with the 4 of us and 2 dogs stuck here at home all the time, it helps to have 2 kind of separate living spaces.  It also helps keep the dog out of the kitchen sink which is very important to us all.   

Back to thoughts of the Christmas season, I've uncharacteristically gotten some of my Christmas shopping done already.  It just has been such a year, I think we all need it to get in the Christmas spirit to try and keep our spirits up.   My latest thing, after this year of trying to do different jobs and cover for others and work all the time, is now working at home, which I will be doing for the next while.  I miss my co-workers and am more distracted at home, but it's okay I guess.  This week I'm glad to be protected from getting the virus as I prepare to take my coding test next weekend.  (big sigh).  I'm praying my daughter and I both pass the darn thing this time.  I don't know what we will do if we don't.  I don't know if I'll have a job after February if I'm not a coder.  

We've done okay through the pandemic and I hope you have too.  Keep your spirits up.  I believe it will eventually be over.  

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Mid November Already.

 I can't believe it.  I know it's been a weird year, but for our family,  it hasn't been an awful year.  We've been very fortunate in some ways.  Life has gone on.  There have been some positives.  We still have our jobs (at the moment anyway).  Youngest son got his job and he likes it.  Oldest son switched jobs and (I think) likes it better. (I'll have to ask him next time he calls which I hope is today!).  The weather has been okay.  We've gotten some improvements done on the house.  We got the bedroom flooring done.  We got new shutters.   A few small things here and there are adding up.   I've lost a tiny bit of weight, but it's better than gaining a ton, which is my norm.   My daughter has 3 commissioned art pieces to do for Christmas.   Oldest son and daughter-in-law might be able to come here for Christmas.   They both work at home, so they're pretty much quarantining all the time.   I might get to start working at home too, maybe next week.  I'm trying not to be too excited about it because it might not happen and if it does happen, it might not last long.  The 2 ladies who currently work the front desk are pretty fragile and I may be asked to step in there again.  We're getting to go back to church again, with stringent precautions of course, but getting to go feels good.   In working all these hours I haven't wanted to work, I've saved up a pretty decent little nest egg.  Not wealth, but nice to have a little saved.   It's a good thing too, because our heat pump has quit working and is going to need to be replaced.   

When you watch the news, it's hard to stay hopeful, but it helps to just make a list of things that are going well lately, things that worked out, things that you can be happy about.   

I'm getting excited about Christmas a little bit and planning ways that we can make the holidays fun even if we can't get out and do things or see extended family.   

Now if we can just past that darn coding exam!  Attempt 2, here we come!   

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Okay, starting again.

 I'm trying to make a study schedule, trying to deal with working all the time and figure out what to do.  We've applied for my daughter to get a longer testing time due to daily migraines so we have to wait on that to schedule the next test.  I am the most impatient person in the world, so all this waiting around is about to kill me, but I'm doing it.   It's frustrating, but it's not the worst thing ever and I need to remember that.   I'm trying to enjoy fall and keep a good attitude and for the most part, I'm succeeding.  Youngest son got hired as a temp for the company I work for and he's working nights, so I go and stay there from 8-4:30 days and he goes from 8:30 to 5, nights.   We work in different locations in the same city but at the same company.  It's good for him to get out there and finally start living his life.  COVID really through a wrench in his trying to launch.  He got laid off from his other job in February and then in March, the world basically shut down.  Hospitals always need people though, so now he's got a pretty decent job, can save some money and get started on what he wants to do in the future, which is real estate investing.   

Happy fall, ya'll. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Okay, trying to get the courage to start again.

 Both of us failed our coding exams.  It's pass-fail, it's not like there's a grade.  It would be easier to say I got a "C", but if you miss it by one point, it's a fail.  I literally missed it by one point.   So now, we have to schedule the test, make a study schedule and try again.   Please pray we pass it.   It's excruciating.  

In other news, we're still in limbo, it feels like, because of the stupid coronavirus.   We're getting out and doing a few things but being cautious.  I have been out now and had dinner with friends.  The young adults are getting out and seeing their friends at a park or something a couple of times a month.  As I said above, the coding quest is not going well and the job hunt for my son is not going well either.   He hurt his back when we were on vacation and that is limiting his prospects for jobs, since he is reluctant to do warehouse jobs and that seems to be all that there is out there right now.   

I'm still working a lot more than I want because my co-worker is still out with a broken leg and the person we hired to fill in for her just found out that she also has a broken leg (Friday afternoon) and has been walking around on it for 3 weeks.   I have no idea what that's going to mean for my work schedule, but it doesn't sound good, does it?  

I am angry at the virus and what I feel might be an over-response to it by the government (I really don't know) but it is freeing a lot of kids from the public school system and that's going to be really good, life changingly good for some of them, the ones that don't fit in, the bullied, the outcasts.  I am trying to be patient with all of the restrictions in my life, for those kids.  For some of them, this might be the best thing that ever happened to them.   

Sunday, August 23, 2020

It's over.

 I don't know if we passed our failed and won't know for a couple of weeks, but my daughter and I sat for our first examination in medical coding.   It was brutal but we survived.  Now no more studying before work, on the way to work, (at work) and after work.  I'm taking a break to reconnect and rediscover who I am as a person.   I'm going to read some books, play some games and relax for a bit.   

I recently listened to this Podcast called "Rest is More than Sleep.  What kind of tired are you?" and I feel like I'm all the kinds of tired.   I know all of us are tired of COVID, tired of the media crap show, tired of protests and social unrest, tired of election stuff, just tired.  Try and take care of yourselves readers.  Go outside with  your kids, explore nature, go for long walks, try and enjoy the last bit of summer.   Take it easy on yourself.    That's what I'm going to try to do.  

Monday, August 17, 2020

This week.

 My test is this week.  I am, of course, also scheduled to work 40 hours this week and with driving, that means I'm gone around 50  hours from home.  I'm going to try and study as much as I can, but I don't know how much good it will do.  I just spent the weekend studying and testing and I barely tested, one of the times, at 70% and that was on a test that I had had before and had studied the answers.  I'm just really bad at coding.  This whole thing may just be a lesson on how to deal with failure.  Oh well.  At least, one way or the other, I'll be done with it. 

Pray I make it through the week without any meltdowns.  After this, I will write a bit about what we're doing otherwise, and how we're getting through 2020.   It's already more than halfway through August!  


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