Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A non-whining post.

I really just feel that I should not leave that whininess at the top of my blog page, so I'm posting again, for that reason.   I'm back to work.  My knee is somewhat better (thank goodness).  I had my first night, last night of not attending the board game group and it was pretty nice.  I stayed in and watched a couple of movies while my son and daughter went, talked to their friends and played some games.  As it should be.  I felt a twinge of sadness that my last homeschooling activity is gone but only a tiny twinge.   It's way past time.   I still wish I had more kids and was still homeschooling, but I think I will always have that.  Homeschooling and raising kids was so much fun.  I've decided that my husband and I probably need to start our own board game group and hang out with our friends.  We do have some great friends we don't spend enough time with.

Today's news is that I'm going to see a nutritionist about my food intolerances and she is going to give me a diet to follow that will hopefully tame down some of my autoimmune symptoms and make me feel overall better.  Here's the list of the foods I reacted to on my test.

Some of these, I don't know what they are.  I'm kind of in shock that the worst intolerance that I have is pinto beans.  I figured I would react strongly to gluten, coffee, tea, dairy and nightshades, but I did not test at all intolerant of gluten.  I wonder if that's because I have been gluten free so long?  I also didn't react to coffee or tea on this test, but both have proven through much testing to cause me significant pain in the past, so I'm still going to leave those alone.  I'm thrilled that I didn't test "red" to dairy and nightshades because I feel like that means maybe I can have some of those in the future.  We'll see what the nutritionist says today about all of this.  I just hope that I can feel better.  I've been in one of my "pain storms" as I call them for a couple of weeks. Everything hurts.

This years word for me is "heal" because that's what I need to do.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Post Holiday Blahs.


It always happens.  I get the blahs in January.   I am so there.  I just get to the point that I'm fed up with everything.   Right now, I'm fed up with the fact that my dog had surgery 3 weeks ago and hasn't healed up and is still having to be in a crate all the time because of drainage.  It's gross, it's pitiful.  I feel so bad for her.  :-(

I'm fed up with the fact that my knee is getting worse and worse and I'm probably going to have to have it replaced.  I missed work because of it on Monday and I almost never miss work for my own ailments.  I drag myself in there no matter what.  It's very painful.  :-(

I'm also a bit sad (and a bit relieved) at the thought of giving up my board game group.  It's not ending, I'm just going to extract myself and put my young adult offspring in charge.  They can come up with their own places to meet, own times to meet, their own rules of conduct and everything else.  I started running it as a homeschool group 3-4 years ago and it's been fun, but my time to step down was a while back and I just haven't done it yet.  There are a couple of kids whose parents may pull them out if there's not any mom-type supervision, but I just can't feel responsible for them anymore.  Their own moms can come, sit in the restaurant and supervise them if they want them supervised.  I'm just done.  It has become more and more clear.

I guess that's all.

I ran out of steam pretty quickly. 

Now I need to get busy, focus on the positive and try and find an orthopedic surgeon that's in -network.

Fun times.

Sorry, this has nothing to do with homeschooling, other than the ending of my homeschooling board game group.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Back to normal.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, celebrating all last week, eating all the junk.  My son said that everything we'd eaten tasted like either, chocolate, peppermint or cheese.   My daughter-in-law makes awesome fettucini and mac and cheese, so we had both this week.  We got a lot of visiting in, played a ton of games, watched movies and videos,shopped, went to family parties and church and generally had a great time.  Today it's back to work or school for most of us and back into the board games and D&D routines.   I want to set up a get-together with my friends, because we don't get together during the busy Christmas season and haven't seen each other for at least a month, but other than that, it's back to normal.  It seems kind of nice, really.  Both routines and breaks from them are important.  :-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2019


We've celebrated Christmas and New Years in quick succession this week, Christmas on Saturday night and Sunday morning and New Year's Eve on Monday, which was actually New Year's Eve, coincidentally.  :-)  Today is New Year's Day, of course, for real, and I'm not sure what we are going to do.  So far, we have no plans.  We're going to hang out and catch up on TV shows and movies, cook something for ourselves and talk.   It's great to have my son and daughter-in-law here again.  We've been trying out all the new board games we got.

We got them a couple and they got us one and we got ourselves 5, so it's a big bunch of gaming goodness.  So far, we've played Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Kodama, and Coup Rebellion, and have still to play The Resistance Hidden Agenda and Hanabi.  The other board game that we got my son and his wife was Saboteur, one of our previously owned favorites, so we haven't done that one yet.  We also played Splendor last night which was previously owned, but we just felt like playing it.  I'm enjoying myself immensely having everyone here.

Freckles is doing okay.  She's being a diva and demanding a lot of treats, because last time she had surgery and had to wear the cone, she also had teeth pulled and needed soft food.  She doesn't understand that getting a surgery on your tail doesn't require the same dietary changes.  Nevertheless, I am headed to town in a few minutes to get her some soft food.  Of course.  And yes, I know why my dog is spoiled.  I'm just not sure how to reason with a chihuahua.  :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Our board game haul for the year, before it was opened.
We're going to be celebrating Christmas this weekend!  Oldest son and his lovely wife are traveling today to come see us.  We're excited.  On actual Christmas eve this year, we opened some board games, but that was all and I had to work so much this week, that we only got to play one of them.  We got Coup Rebellion (the only one we've played so far) another Coup expansion I can't remember the name of,  Betrayal at House on the Hill, Magic Maze and Hanabi.   This week, I'm off work and they will be here, so we're going to open the rest of our presents and stockings and take some time to play all the games and eat some junk food.  My daughter in law is a great cook and she's bringing cookies and things like that.  She's also going to make her wonderful Mac and Cheese for us.  I'm not going to worry about any calories this week.  It's going to be awesome.

The first game we played was really fun, Coup Rebellion.
The only black cloud on the horizon for us, is that Freckles had surgery the day before yesterday and the wound is not looking great and may be infected.  I'm very worried about her.  We've had her in a crate in the living room since Thursday and she does fine in there with everyone else in the room, but when I come in there, she gets all excited and starts panting and coughing, because she wants me to let her out.  It's pretty heartbreaking.  Hopefully, she'll be okay.  I'm hoping the vet will give her an antibiotic shot today as well as some meds to bring home.  My daughter is handling all the medicine giving and carrying Freckles outside and all of that, because she's wonderful that way and because I can't handle it when one of the dogs has an issue like this.  I don't know why.  When the kids were little, I always did all of this stuff, dealing with broken bones (5 times!), ER visits, cutting the cornea (although that one did make me very squeamish!) and all of that, when it's a pet I can't communicate with, I get all upset.
This is the first page of many, many, many pages of notes that I have to use when I work my co-worker's job.  It's a lot to keep up with, plus the phone interrupts every single thing you try to do, about 50 times.   It's not fun. 

Speaking of my wonderful daughter, my whole family has been so great this week.  I've been working long days, (doing someone else's job that I'm not as familiar with) and with the commute, being gone 11 hours a day and they've grocery shopped and cleaned and taken care of the dog and made me cookies and mashed potatoes. They are the BEST.  They surprised me with some mint chocolate chip cookies the other day that were out of this world. (I love peppermint everything!).  I am amazingly blessed.

Happy New Year everyone from our house, where we're a little behind and still Christmas-ing!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas!

I realize it's basically over now, but I hope everyone had a happy holiday!! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas is almost here!!

I've been in the mood to make these Christmas tree thingies today.  :-)
I am just about done with my shopping and it's a good thing too, since tomorrow is the 20th and I've got to work Friday and Monday and go to a wedding rehearsal, a wedding, and an anniversary party this weekend!!   I've been able to maintain my non-grinchy attitude about Christmas.  I've been a bit crabby about some other things that have happened, but about Christmas, I'm still enjoying the season and enjoying the music, lights and decorations.  It helps a little that we're celebrating a week after Christmas, so I've got some time.  I might not even worry about the stockings until after Christmas ... I'm not sure.  I've got to work the 3 days after Christmas, 8-4:30 and with the commute, that makes for a long day.  I'm not sure how much shopping I want to do.

It's busy, but that's how I like it, if I get my sleep and some downtime, at least a little every day.  I've spent a lot of my downtime in my bedroom lately (making no noise and pretending I don't exist)  because the kids had a party here Saturday and then Monday they had an epic 8 hour game of Dungeons and Dragons.   That should be it for them for a while.  I think most of their games are taking a break this week and possibly next week.   I'm glad.  It's time for family time for the next couple of weeks.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finally some time off!

I have a couple of days off this week and it's great.  So much to do to get ready for the weekend, but thank goodness, I have the time to do it.  We have 5 events this weekend, starting Friday with a work Christmas party that I have to take a dish for (and those people bring their A game every time, so it needs to be something kind of fancy), then we're having the board game group come here for a party on Saturday (so, of course, there will need to be a bit of cleaning), then we have a party with our old college/high school friends on Saturday night, then Sunday morning a potluck brunch and then a baby shower.  After that, ironically, we don't have much going on and really don't even have any plans for Christmas because our son and his wife will not be here for Christmas this year.  We'll be celebrating with them in January.  So this weekend is probably going to be the busiest of the season.  It's fun though.  I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and new friends and eating a lot of great food.  It's just a challenge showing up dressed and presentable with the right food and/or gift for each occasion.  It takes a lot of prep work and planning.

Thankfully, I've not turned into the old grinch this year.  We've been watching a few Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and I'm trying very hard not to let it bother me that I don't have my shopping done.  :-P  I will get there.  Eventually.    I always do.


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